My Sisters Baby

My sister is having a baby soon, in fact she is actually past her due date. I'm not sure what to expect really, I will be an auntie! How odd. So obviously she has been pregnant for a good 9 months and in that time she has been preparing herself.

All mothers worry about money troubles and what the baby will bring, money troubles are always on a parents mind and getting making sure you have everything before the baby is born is the first thing on the list of parental responsibilities. She has been collecting items from friends and relatives that they don't need any more, such as baby carriers, strollers and push chairs. That's one of the least expensive ways to do things. If people aren't using an item anymore, why not just go for something like that? One thing that you must make sure though, is that you check the safety of these devices. If someone has had a push chair locked away for a good few years, it's best to check that the materials haven't weakened and that it is perfectly safe to use. The worst thing to happen would be to have one of these devices fail on you and you or your child get harmed.

But it's not just big devices that a newborn will require, you'll be looking at getting nappies/diapers, changing tables, baby bags (to carry all the toiletries) and lots more. Babies can and WILL be expensive, its all about making sure you are prepared, and setting out a budget for yourself. There are lots of places that you can get baby products online, even at a discount. Make sure you keep your eyes open and do a thorough search. Not only will preparation keep you on your toes, but it will also benefit your bank account in the long run.

The Importance Of fitness

Fitness is a very important aspect of life these days, keeping your body and mind healthy can be difficult with all the stresses of modern day life. After a long day of work, the last thing that you would want to do is have a jog or do any extreme exercise. That is why there are places for you to retreat to so that you don't have to muster up the willpower.

Yeotown is one of these places, it focuses on Yoga and healthy eating and is situated in the most beautiful countryside of Devon. Devon has a idealistic landscape, full of beauty when the weather is nice, and even when it's not! Yeotown strive to deliver a course set on your own time restraints that will help you change your routine and eat healthier even when the course is finished.

You will do Yoga that will help you relieve stress and gain strenght in certain areas of the body, it will also help your mind to relax as you will practice breathing techniques whilst you meditate. Some believe that yoga is not benificial and that it is a complete farce, but this is a lie. Yoga has many proven benefits, you only have to look it up to find out. So if you're experiencing stress and feel that you need to become even fitter, why not take the time to go on a Yoga retreat.

Furniture shopping

Shopping for furniture, living the dream? Or a living nightmare!?
I myself am up for a challenge, I can stand the heat when it comes to overselection. Furniture, furniture everywhere but who to buy from? Who has the quality that I require for my living room?

Alot of people I know go to places like Range, or Dunelm for their furniture, but for me I really think that the quality does suffer even with fairly normal prices. You need to find a specialist furniture shop with good prices. So why not look online instead of driving round the country looking for bits and pieces?

Online furniture shops are fairly saturated online, I find it actually quite difficult to find something different when I want to. I always end up in the same place. But not the other day, I found a website that had a fantastic selection of furniture, ranging from living room to the office! Fit & Furnish had everything that I required with next to no hassle when ordering and delivery seemed pretty punctual too.

So now I know the next time I’m looking for furniture, to get online and save myself a lot of trouble.

My First Post!

Hi There!

If you're reading this you have just come across my new blog!
I love to write about fitness and staying in shape, so here you'll find all the articles that I (will eventually) write! Stay tuned, I'll have something up in no time!

Laura Green

Author:Laura Green
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